Bryan Swymn, Ed. S.- Digital Learning Supervisor

Bryan Swymn, Ed. S.- Digital Learning Supervisor
Russellville School District
External: 479-219-5355
Internal: 3054

cyclone virtual academy


Russellville Cyclone Virtual Academy is a school within RSD that is virtual for students whose needs may be met better in a different environment than the traditional classroom. We use the Buzz Learning Management System. The Buzz LMS is where course content is housed and accessed by both teachers and students. Students have the flexibility to do school work from home.


Content is aligned to the Arkansas State Standards. 

Buzz contains multiple tools to help students such as translation of the content on the page, highlighting, on-screen dictionary, and reading the text to the students if needed. 

Any course can be modified to meet the needs of advanced students or students who need reduced assignments. The Course content is already rigorous and includes lessons for all standards at each grade level.

We will have full-time teachers solely dedicated to supporting virtual students. Our teachers will communicate with students in a variety of ways to make sure they feel supported, including emails, virtual meetings, phone calls, and offer on-site support. 

Students will be provided with a device to complete their work.

RCVA Handbook

This document speaks only to rules or policies that may apply directly to virtual learning. For anything not expressly written in this document, students will adhere to all of the RSD student handbook policies for secondary or elementary.

Important Information

Courses Offered

  • Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade will take the same courses as they would if they were attending on-site


  • Student in grades 9th-12th will be able to pick from a list of courses offered by RCVA teachers and Virtual Arkansas teachers. If a student chooses a Virtual Arkansas course, they will still have an RCVA teacher as a local facilitator.


  • RCVA enrollment is a one semester commitment.

Parent Expectations

  • Parent/Guardian must attend orientation. Orientation must take place before the student can start in the program.

  • Each student must have a learning coach and they must attend orientation if they are not the parent/guardian.

  • Review weekly grades with your student.

  • Communicate with your student’s teachers if help is needed.

  • Provide a learning environment at home that is conducive to learning.


  • The student must be in good standing with the truancy

    policy from the school they are coming from.

  • Students are required to complete and submit anywhere

    from 1-5 lessons (depending on the subject matter) in a

    subject per week. This will take an estimate of 4-8 hours

    per day to achieve. Any student meeting this requirement is

    present for the week. Buzz provides a report that we review

    weekly to check student activity and time in the system for


GPA/Grades Requirements

To enter or re-enter from the year before:

  • K-8- The student must pass all courses from the previous grade.

  • 9-12- In addition to passing all courses from the previous

    grade, the student must have a 2.0 GPA. If the student has a

    1.5-1.99, they will be placed on academic probation for one

    semester to have the opportunity to improve their GPA to a 2.0.

Extracurricular Activities

  • All Cyclone Virtual Academy students can participate in athletics

    and extracurricular activities.

  • Students are required to attend extracurricular classes in


  • Parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from

    these activities during the student schedule time.

  • Students will have access to the library at the on-site school

    where they are enrolled at. The librarian can specify times and

    days for virtual students to come to the library.

  • Students can participate in book fairs, yearbook pictures,

    graduations, and other activities such as these.