Russellville School District Board of Education

*All goals will ensure student-focused decisions at a high level of expectations.

Goal 1: All students achieve a level of preparedness and readiness to reach their individual potential so that businesses and universities 


Goal 2: Be the “School of Choice” in our region for parents, students, and employees.

Goal 3: Increase partnerships that create a unified community that values and supports education.

The Board of Education meets in the auditorium at Gardner Complex on the third Tuesday of every month.


All active board policies are available for public viewing online in our documents section or can be found in the Leadership-School Board Information Folder.

The Russellville School District Board of Education is a group of seven elected members who volunteer their service without compensation. The board is responsible for the overall operation of the district, including the establishment of policies, fiscal responsibility, accountability for student and staff programs, and ensuring a safe and effective learning environment for all students and staff.

The board meets at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.

Holli Hal

Holli Hall

Zone 1

morgan barrett

Morgan Barrett

Zone 2


Janet Winn

Zone 4


Wesley White


jason golden

Jason Golden- Vice President

Zone 5


Jeff Carter-Secretary

Zone 3


Jeremy Keaster

At- Large

A full report of minutes and agendas for meetings from the past three school years are available online and can be found in our State-Required-Information folder.