English Department

The RSD English department has adopted and will implement two new English curricula during the 2017-2018 school year.  Please click here to read more about each one and see the list of novels students will read for each grade level. 
The grade 5-12 English teachers have created writing rubrics to be used with all students in those classes. Click here to view the holistic versions of the rubric. Click here to access the more in-depth version of the RSD Writing Rubric used to give specific feedback to students in the writing process.
Click here to read the English department goals.
This document will take you to the English standards for grades 5-12. The bolded standards are the prioritized standards in each grade. A committee of grade 5-12 English teachers collaborated to choose the priority standards and to ensure they were cohesive and built upon previous knowledge and skills in each grade. The priority standards are the more rigorous standards that will take more class time for students to achieve. The supporting standards are the remaining standards that must be taught in order to reach the priority standards. 
This table describes what the research task expectations are for each grade level, 5-12. Students will be working through these research items in each grade, either through English, Social Studies, or a combination of both classes.