Superintendent's Leadership team

New Leadership roles announced from Superintendent's Office for 2021-2022 School Year

Russellville Interim Superintendent Andrew Vining has created his own Superintendent's leadership team compiled of four RSD administrators instead of rehiring an Assistant Superintendent. 

Jeff Holt, Judy Pennington, Mary Beth Cox, and Dr. Brittany Turnerhave assumed their new roles for this upcoming school year.

Holt was previously the Safety Coordinator for the district as well as Vice Principal at Russellville Middle School. He will now serve the leadership team as Assistant to the Superintendent of Operations.

Pennington prior was the Director for Curriculum and Instruction for Secondary Education. She will now be in the role of Assistant to the Superintendent for Personnel.

Russellville High School Vice Principal Mary Beth Cox, has assumed the role of Assistant to the Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, and Director of Special Services, Dr. Brittany Turner will act as the Assistant to the Superintendent for Support Services on the Superintendent leadership team.