Thursday, January 6, 2022

Earlier today, the Arkansas Department of Education released revised guidance for public school in response to the recent CDC changes. This policy will be effective for RSD students Monday, January 10, and will be retroactive to current cases. For clarification as to when your student may return to school based on the new guidelines, please email our nursing staff at

Attached you will find a detailed explanation of the updates. 

Updated Guidelines from CDC

Current RSD Test to Stay protocols are still in place and are as follows:

● K-12 students are eligible to participate in the program

● Students must be quarantined due to a school exposure to participate

● Students participating in the TTS program will be swabbed upon arrival daily by

their building nurse or designated staff member

● Students must remain asymptomatic through their quarantine period

● Masks must be worn correctly at all times throughout their quarantine period

● Pre-K students are not eligible at this time to participate

TTS is an option to the traditional quarantine guidelines which are still in effect. Parents/guardians have the option to choose to follow the traditional quarantine guidelines for their students. Mandatory consent forms must be turned in to the school nurse before participating in the program. Test to Stay consent forms will remain valid for the remainder of the semester unless the guardian chooses to withdraw consent. If your child is currently quarantined, you may contact your school nurse if you are interested in participating in the TTS program.